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Camperdown strangler

A collection of street photo-centric re-blogs, with the occasional slice of original content. Please click through on images to see the creator and do take a look at the rest of their work.

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untitled by n_such on Flickr.
islande04 by n_such on Flickr.
Old Man by misha.misha on Flickr.
19# by De_Vill on Flickr.
Sri Lanka - Anuradhapura by luca marella on Flickr.
untitled by Sleeping bears on Flickr.
untitled by Ira Lupu on Flickr.
Bruno Barbey Philippines, S. Mindanao, 1985 by RachelRiley on Flickr.
Afrique du Sud : Commissariat de police de Soweto by kuusjuhan on Flickr.
Childrens Prison_72 by kuusjuhan on Flickr.
untitled by rodrigo sombra on Flickr.
(.)(.) by Derek Corneau on Flickr.
untitled by reinhjartad on Flickr.
untitled by DaveSinclair on Flickr.
;] by on Flickr.